Lost in the Underbelly is an interactive memory bank of fragmented, personal memories. It revolves around a series of day trips my father brought me along on as a child, when writing and researching for his guidebook dedicated to L.A.’s most precious oddities. This work invites users to poke and prod at decapitated baby doll heads, rank slaughterhouse murals, and mice on toast as a way to explore the fragility of memory, childhood wonder, and loss, while vicariously reminiscing as they walk that fine line between imagination and reality. The text is composed of quotes from my father’s book, a few personal interjections, and coordinates of the different locations.


Move cursor to navigate
Click objects to interact with them
Press escape to return to menu

Portofino 2 by Raymond Scott


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I love it omg this game is so pretty!!

Great work, Ivy!!

This is one of the most beautiful and interesting pieces of art that I've ever seen. Wow!